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About us

Our story is that of a family with previous experience in the fashion industry and it starts right after the birth of our first child. Facing the vast array of mass market clothing and low quality fabrics, Ramona and her mother went off the beaten path and transformed their passion into an eco-friendly, sustainable and durable brand.

      Following the finnish model, the young brand set off to inspire freedom, stability, security and equality through every product in its collections. The garments have a relaxed fit, in natural, earthy colours, which makes them easy to match and gives them a timeless look.Unsurprisingly, this made Woolver one of the most sought fashion brand for kids’ in Romania.

    Scandinavian influences don’t merely stop with our way of thinking, but can also be seen in our fabrics of choice and their origin. Merino wool is a stable of our collections year round due to its abilities to manage heat and moisture- in other words, it provides warmth and comfort in cold weather and has a cooling effect in warmer seasons.




      Early childhood is crucial in childrens’ development, and it should be experienced without the burden of discomfort. Here at Woolver, we strive to create clothing that do not inhibit flexibility and movement, so that all kids are free to explore, learn and play to their heart’s content.  Therefore all fabrics are chosen for their properties, with only the natural ones such as merino wool, silk and linen, making the cut.

      Merino wool, a hidden gem for the fashion industry, can be worn as both an outer layer, or directly on the skin, as it is very soft and gentle. Furthermore, it can soak up to 40% of its own weight in water without leaving a damp sensation on the skin. In comparison with merino wool, cotton can only soak up to 8%.

    Silk is a very resistant fiber and its abilities to manage heat are similar to those of merino wool. It can be worn year round, as it allows the skin to breath, while also providing good insulation.

  Linen is mainly present in our summer collections due to its abilities of being gentle on the skin especially at high temperatures, having a cooling effect, soaking up moisture, and, perhaps most of all, protecting against harmful UV rays.